Friday, 14 May 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms - 55


A literary connect.









Happy connecting, and have a nice life, folks!


Cracked almost unanimously, although ‘sibi’ got it right at the second go. Also, ‘Dijo’ did not get the ‘eaters of the dead’ part.

The connection is indeed Beowulf, the epic alliterative poem written by someone whom we have lost in the annals of history.

1: Angelina Jolie played the Grendel’s mother in the 2007 Robert Zemeckis film 'Beowulf’, based on the original poem.

2A: Michael Crichton wrote ‘Eaters of the Dead’ as part of a challenge with his friends, where he claimed that he could give a twist to Beowulf and make it his own. Indeed, he portrayed the Grendel as a lost and hitherto undiscovered chain of Neanderthals who still inhabited the Earth towards the end of first millennia AD, long after they had supposedly stopped to exist.

2B: Antonio Banderas was ‘The 13th Warrior’ in the film of the same name, inspired by Crichton’s novel, which was his own interpretation of Beowulf.

3: Christopher Lambert played ‘Beowulf’ in the 1999 film of the same name, which was a sci-fi interpretation of the poem.


  1. Thomas Jane, Jolie and Antonio - characters in Original Sin. Crichton - directed the 13th Warrior. Now for the connection between all 4 - they can all be linked to comics as well as game characters - Jolie - Tomb Raider, Banderas - Zorro, Michael Crichton - Jurassic park and Tom Jane - The punisher. If there's another connect - escapes me.

  2. The connect is "Beowulf"

    Angelina Jolie - played the monster Grendel's mother in Robert Zemeckis' animated epic Beowulf (2007 film)
    Michael Crichton - connect below
    Antonio Banderas - In 13th Warrior (is actually based on a Michael Crichton novel, Eaters of the Dead, which in turn is supposed to be a retelling of Beowulf)
    Christopher Lambert- starred in the title role of the 1999 film Beowulf

  3. Hello...
    The first pic is of Angelina Jolie
    The second pic is of Michael Crichton(the author)
    The third pic is of Antonio Bandreas in the movie 'The 13th Warrior'
    The fourth pic I couldn't identify..
    But the connect is surely The Movie 'Beowulf'

    Angelina Jolie starred in the movie,Antonio Bandreas starred in the movie 'The 13th Warrior' which is an adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel 'Eaters of the Dead'.A part of the novel is also inspired from the story of 'Beowulf' which is a poem.
    Hope that I m right

  4. The Connect is Beowulf.

    1. Angelina Jolie, played Grendel's mom in the 2007 film, Beowulf

    2 and 3. Michael Crichton, whose book "Eaters of the Dead" was adapted into the movie "13th Warrior" starring Antonio Banderas. One of the Characters in the book is Beowulf, played by Vladimir Kulich in the movie

    4. Christopher Lambert, who played Beowulf in the 1999 movie Beowulf

  5. If this guy is christopher Lambert, i got it all wrong. But then it seems these two guys (Lambert and Jane) resemble so much that it has been said that they were twins seperated at birth.
    Now i think Beowulf fits better than the game connection.


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