Tuesday, 13 July 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 78

Will try a video clue today.

Not too difficult, this. Connect the video above to the two pictures below.


mumba devi


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Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


A lot of answers, and all of them correct!

The advertisement features background music by A R Rahman. It is the theme from the film Bombay.

The city is called Mumbai now, after Mumbadevi, whose photo this is.

And lastly, and obviosuly, A R Rahman has won the Oscar award.


  1. I think the connect is A.R. Rehman.....the background music is the theme song of Bombay.....n he has won an oscar....

  2. A R Rahman n Bombay...tht music ws from Bombay movie n deity is mumba devi after which it has been renamed (alas!) as mumbai n rahman has got an oscar.

  3. The background music in the advertisement is the theme from "Bombay" which was composed by A R Rahman. Mumba Devi is the goddess after whom Mumbai(Bombay) is named and Rahman is the winner of Oscar for scoring the music of "Slumdog Millionaire".
    Trivia - The movie "Lord of War" also uses this bit of the music in the background.

  4. A. R. Rahman is the connection.

    He gave music for the ad of Volvic water.

    Gave music for the movie "Bombay", which came from Mumbadevi.

    & he got Oscar.

  5. this is a commercial for volvic featuring zidane .the music is given by A.R. Rahman ( the winner of oscar)and its also the theme track from the movie 'bombay'.

  6. this is a commercial of volvic featuring zidane.the music is given by a.r. rahman ( the winner of oscar).that connects the video to the second photo n the music is from the movie Bombay .that connects the video to the 1st picture of mumba devi.

  7. The Track used in Volvic is same “Bombay Theme” which was originally composed by A.R.Rahman for Movie Bombay.
    Pic1. Mumbadevi is said to be Goddess of Mumbai. It’s an old Monument Temple, named as ‘Mumba’ means Mumbai and ‘Devi’ means godess so named ‘mumba devi’.
    Pic2. A. R. Rahman won Oscar award.


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