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QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms - 48

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Simple but historic connect. Nothing too fancy.







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Most people got it, or parts of it. The answer to this one is the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and many of its ramifications thereafter.

A: Jackie Shroff’s character in Mission Kashmir, after being captured for the first time by Sanjay Dutt’s character, explains how the Russians had tortured him in Mazhar-e-Sharif during the aforesaid occupation, and how he had withstood it.

B: This is Senator Charles ‘Charlie’ Wilson of the USA, who was instrumental in helping the Afghans during the occupation with Stinger Missiles and launchers, with which they shot down Soviet helicopters. He also multiplied the US budget for such covert operations from $ 5 million to $ 1 billion! See ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ on TV or on CD or DVD. It’s worth at least one watch.

C: In Rambo III, John Rambo went to Afghanistan to save his mentor and commander, Colonel Sam Trautman, from Russian clutches, where the latter had gone to help the Mujahideen push back Soviets.


  1. Afghanistan & Soviet

    1) In Mission Kashmir, Jackie Shroff plays an Afghan terrorist, tortured by soviets

    2)Charlie Wilson led the US Congress into supporting Operation Cyclone, which supported the Afghans against the Soviet occupants

    3) John Rambo is a mercenary recruited to fight in the Soviet-Afghan war

  2. Afghanistan (or more specifically the Afghan war against Russia)

    1) Mission kashmir- Jackie Shroff is an Afghan leader who fights Russians
    2) Charlie Wilson - Helped bring American money and weapons in Afghan war against Russia
    3) John Rambo - In the third movie he fights pro-Afghanistan

  3. The first picture is of Jackie Shroff from Mission Kashmir. The second is the real life picture of Charlie Wilson, a congressman from Texas. The third picture depicts Sylvester Stallone from the film Rambo. The life and acts of Charlie Wilson has been crafted into a film -Charlie Wilson's War.
    The common link is all the films show rebels fighting for independence and justice. Mission Kashmir in Kashmir against Indian Army, Charlie Wilson's War in Afghanistan against the Soviets and Rambo in Burma against dictators of Burmese Army.

  4. the connect is Mujahideen group from the Soviet-Afghan war.....Jackie shroff plays the role of a Mujahideen in Mission Kashmir, who has a back-story that spoke of having been captured by the Russians and survived a slit neck by holding his throat back for weeks.

    Charlie Wilson was the leading the covert operations by USA supporting the Mujahideen group against the soviet-union in the soviet-afghan war.

    In Rambo-3, sylvester stallone rescues Richard Crenna from Soviet hold with the support of Mujahideen friends.

  5. The connect is FIM-92 Stinger missiles.....they wer the main fundin by US to the Afgans....a part of Regan Doctrine...In Mission Kashmir too they get the missiles to blow up the mosques n temples...

  6. Connect should be Afghanistan.
    Jackie Shroff played a militant from Afghanistan in Mission Kashmir.
    Charlie Wilson was known for heading operation cycloe in Afghanistan
    Sylvester Stallone starred in movie Rambo(2/3) which was set in Afghanistan.

  7. Connect is Afghanistan. Specifically the Soviet-Afghan War and the birth of the Mujahideen.

  8. I think the connect is Mujahedeen,

    jackie here is shown as a Mujahedeen in Mission Kashmir

    Charlie Wilson was known for his Mujahedeen links.

    Rambo supported the Mujaheedens for the liberation of Soviet from Afghanistan


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