Tuesday, 11 May 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms - 52

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Here’s something that’s more significant in writing.

I. The plural of the word X is an X of "ars magna", Latin for "great art".

II. Japan's former capital city (between A.D. 794-1868) and present capital city names are X of each other.

III. Kingdom of Java's (Indonesia) former capital city was Kartasura and then moved to Surakarta. Another example of X.

IV. It's said that the right to lampoon royalty and politicians, using anagrams, was enshrined in English law, when King John signed the Magna Carta (X Act) in 1215.

V. Another example of X: When India bowed out of the 2007 World Cup Cricket in West Indies, some newspapers carried the headline ‘Sport of Pain’. Hint: Look up where they played their last match.

The question is simple. Identify X.

Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!!


Several answers, and some went so far as to say that the answer was ‘port’, despite the blatant clue in point IV!

The answer is anagram. By definition, an anagram is a form of wordplay wherein the alphabets in a word or a phrase are rearranged to make another meaningful word or phrase.

There are various types of anagrams, like anugrams, anigrams or even pangrams! More info here.

As for the clues given above:

I. Anagrams : ars magna

II. Kyoto : Tokyo

III. Kartasura : Surakarta

IV. Magna Carta : Anagram Act

V. Port of Spain : Sport of Pain


Additional Info: May 12 is International Nurses’ Day, celebrated on the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Her name’s anagram is Flit on, cheering angel!


  1. "X" is anagram.
    1. Plural of "Anagram" is "Anagrams" which when rearranged results in "Ars Magna".
    2. "Kyoto" - "Tokyo"
    3. "Kartasura" - "Surakarta"
    4. "Magna Carta" - "Anagram Act"
    5. "Sport of Pain" - "Port of Spain"

    1. The Romans called the art of finding anagrams the "ars magna" (great art). Interestingly, "ars magna" is a perfect anagram of the word "anagrams"
    2. Earliest known anagram - ''The Clovis spear point'' - ''Proves neolithic past'' in reference to the earliest settlers in USA coming from Europe.
    3. This art of creating Anagrams is known as "metathesis" which is transposition of letters and/or sounds.
    4. Frequently authors rearrange the alphabets in their own name to produce their pseudonyms.
    5. The concept of numerical anagrams using Roman Numerals may have been borrowed by authors of many detective stories where the sleuth deciphered the clue from a letter or note written in code language.

  2. The answer was plainly obvious in your question (point4). :-)

    X is Anagram


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