Sunday, 9 May 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms - 50

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Here’s another dry round for the day.

Identify the corporation, place or organisation being talked about…

  1. Some employees of this organisation had to wear communal underpants up until 2001!
  2. It has been boycotted by the Christian Action Network for more than a decade now!
  3. In their early years, they employed a group of mangy cats to keep rats and mice off their premises. The cats, feral and diseased, still roam the place at night!
  4. One section of their establishment is said to be haunted, because people wish that their ashes be dumped there.
  5. For nearly twenty years, several of their employees were stationed only to watch out for women flashing their mammal projections, which would subsequently end up on a giant screen!

What corporation, place or organisation is this?


Cracked by many of you!!

This is indeed Disneyland!!

And here’s a further read.


Post your answers here. Wait for them to be moderated, which will take a day or two to be done.