Friday, 7 June 2013

QR–Cure–Quizzing Realms–421

A connect, after some time.







There were two other images I was thinking of uploading, but refrained because they would have been dead giveaways! So try and figure out the connection from these three images. But to make things easier, I mention here that the photos have been given in a certain order.

Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


Eight replies, of which six are more or less correct. Both Manohar aka Manya Surve and Shootout at Wadala are acceptable answers. I might have accepted S Husain Zaidi’s Dongri to Dubai as an answer too! And in case your mind veers to the order of the photos, consider this sentence. Manya Surve used a plot point from novels by James Hadley Chase to kill Shabir, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar’s brother, and was in the end killed by Ishaq Bagwan, in what is often regarded as Mumbai Police’s first encounter killing. The entire episode was chronicled in Zaidi’s book, which became a reference point for the film.


  1. I think manya surve of shootout at wadala should be the connect because he was thought to be inspired from David Hadley's novel and was encounterd by the police officer's pic given in the third one but i could not get the connect with the second pic.

  2. sumit anand
    answer : shootout at wadala

    manya surve, borrowing a plot from james hadley chase novel, decided to loot money from the government milk scheme.
    manya was shot dead by police officer bagwan

  3. Connect - shootout at wadala.
    James Hadley Chase - english thriller nover writer whose novels were potrayed in the realisation of the characters.
    isaaq bagwaan on whose character the and the cop who shoot the manya surve.

  4. Both people in pics 2 and 3 are gangsters who have tried to perform robbery and etc based on the novels of the person in pic 1?

  5. Either Shoot out at wadala or Manya Surve..i dont know how they are connected to Ravi Pujari..


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