Sunday, 5 September 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 122

An easy one now, after yesterday’s super difficult question!








Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


Two responses, both of which got near the answer. The connect this time was Jagjit and Chitra Singh’s son Vivek Singh.

The first photo is obviously that of Jagjit Singh.

The second picture is that of cricketer Sairaj Bahutule, with whom Vivek Singh was when their car met with an accident and Vivek died in it.

The third photo is that of Ishmeet Singh Sodhi, who was given the Vivek Singh Award by Jagjit Singh after winning Amul Voice of India.


  1. 1. Jagjit Singh
    2. Sairaj Bahutule

    Connection, jagjit singh's son died in a car accident which involved bahutule.

    3. Ismeet singh sodi. winner of amul star voice of india. he died by drowning in a swimming pool. i think jagjit singh was one of the judges. cant think of anymore connects. :(

  2. All of them involved in accidents. Not sure about photograph 1. Photograph 2 is Sairaj Bahutule, who survived a car accident in which singer Jagjit Singh's son was killed. Photograph 3 is singer Ishmeet Singh who was killed due to accidental drowning in Maldives.

  3. 1,2- Jagjit singh's son and sairaj bahutule were in the same car that crashed. The former died.
    3- Ishmeet drowned conspicuously in maldives.


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