Tuesday, 4 May 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms - 45

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This is a two-fold question with the same clues.

  1. What is common to all four?
  2. Who is the odd-man-out, and why?









Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!!


As usual , I seem to have overreached. I should have mentioned that this was a sports connect. But thanks for reminding me of the Oscar connect too.

My answer is: All four have played boxers in films, but only Stallone’s character was not based on a real life individual.

Robert De Niro in Raging Bull.

Russel Crowe in Cinderella Man.

Sylvester ‘Sly’ Stallone in Rocky I to V, and then in Rocky Balboa.

Will Smith in Ali.

However, as pointed out in one of the comments, the odd-man-out could be Crowe too, because he is the only one who was not nominated for his role as a boxer at the Oscar.


  1. 1) All 4 have played boxers in critically acclaimed movies.

    2) Sylvester Stallone is the odd one out as Rocky Balboa is a fictional character while the other three played roles of real life boxers.

  2. All of them starred in movies with "Boxing" as the theme.
    1. Robert Di Niro - as Jack LaMotta in the film "Raging Bull".
    2. Russell Crowe - as James Braddock in the film "Cindrella Man".
    3. Sylvester Stallone - as Rocky in the film "Rocky" or the Series "Rocky".
    4. Will Smith - as Mohammed Ali in the film "Ali".
    The odd one out is Sylvester Stallone because he depicted a fictional character "Rocky" whereas all other were based on real life characters.
    Another difference could be that Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone is a series rather than a single film as the other three are.

  3. People who were nominated but not won an oscar?
    Odd man - ? Stallone - also nominated and won a lot of Razzies.

  4. All 4 have been at one time or other been nominated for oscars and did not win that year. Except for Stallone, all have multiple nominations. And except for stallone, they havent won a razzie.

  5. 1. There are 2 Commonalities -

    (a) All of them have played a boxer's role
    (b) All have been nominated atleast once for Academy award for best Actor

    2. odd man out -
    (a) Robert De Niro - only he has won Oscar for best Actor for the role of a boxer in "Raging Bull"

    (b) it could even be Russell Crowe. Rest of them have been atleast nominated for Best Actor for their role as a boxer.

  6. Robert De Niro -- Raging bull -- Jake La Motta
    Russell Crowe -- Cinderella Man -- James J Braddock
    Sylvester Stallone -- Rocky 1 to 5 -- Fictional character
    Will Smith -- Ali -- Muhammad Ali


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