Ad rates

Ad rates: 

For image files (JPEG/GIF), or simple text, with links:

  • Re 0.01 per 10 hits on the blog if ad is just below the blog's masthead.
  • Re 0.01 per ad per 20 hits on the blog, if ads are on either side of the main blog content, and are among the top 2-3 items.
  • Re 0.01 per ad per 30 hits on the blog if ads are a little below.
For direct placement/tie-in with questions.
  • One-time payment of Rs 200 for direct tie-in with question asked for the day. I.e., a question is asked about a product or service.
  • Rates are subject to periodic revision, update. 
  • For image files or simple text:
    • Payment will be received via NEFT.
    • Billing cycle will be monthly, beginning and ending with a calendar month.
    • In case there are less than 1,000 hits on the blog in a month, the amount will be carried forward to the next month, when it will be billed.
  • For direct placement/tie-in:
    • Payment must be made in advance. 
    • Sufficient data should be provided about the product/service for which the question is generated.
    • Which question to ask and which question to seek will be the sole discretion of the quizmaster.
For any further queries, please feel free to send an email at, or contact me at 0 7406737056. No calls before 11 am, please.