Thursday, 30 September 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 146

Two sports questions clubbed as one. What career-shaping contributions do the elder brothers of Anil Kumble and Saurav Ganguly have on them? More specifically, how come Kumble bowled and Ganguly batted the way they did, and how is it related to their elder brothers?


No one seems to have cracked this one completely. Saurav Ganguly was originally a right-handed batsman, but changed hands so that he could use his elder brother’s kit. Snehashish was left-handed.

As for Anil Kumble, he was a fast bowler initially, but his brother Dinesh told him that India has always been more dependent on its spinners. Therefore, Kumble changed his style of bowling, and this also explains why his deliveries did not spin much, and why he bowled at a much faster pace than traditional spinners, sometimes even equalling speeds of Venkatesh Prasad’s deliveries!


  1. Saurav Ganguly was a right handed batsman initially. But because his brother's cricketing kits were left handed, he started playing left. Kumble's brother Dinesh is a wildlife photographer & Anil helped release his brother's album recently. Sorry cricket wise, Anil's bro's influence I don't know. Btw, I knew Saurav answer but googled for Anil Kumble but didn't find the ans. Maybe Kumble's brother suggested him to start bowling spin from fast bowling? Sorry for the long answer.

  2. Sourav ganguly - Though Sourav is a natural right hander, he learned to bat with his left hand from his brother, Snehashish a left handed batsman. Convenience was one of the reasons for Sourav to become a left-handed batsman as he could then use his brother's cricket gear

    Anil Kumble was called for chucking as a young fast bowler (as a result of which his brother Dinesh Kumble egged him on to become a spin bowler)

  3. kumble's brother dinesh kumble advised him to bowl leg spin instead of medium pace.
    dunno about ganguly ... maybe his brother told him to bat left-handed?

  4. Elder brother of Sourav, Snehasish, influenced him to bat left handed as Snehasish himself was a left hand batsman. Sourav started as a right hand batsman and he still continues to be a right hand bowler depicting that he is a not a born lefty.
    Anil Kumble's brother Dinesh motivated him to bowl leg spin, he himself being influenced by B S Chandrasekhar. Kumble started his career as a medium pacer.


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