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QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 138

A mythology question, for a change of taste.

Duryodhan may have been deadly against the Pandavas throughout his life, but on two different occasions, two of his brothers sided with the Pandavas, or at least chose to protest against what Duryodhan and Duhshasan was doing. Who are these brothers, and on what occasions did they oppose their elder siblings?

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Quite a few replies! And yes the answers are indeed Vikarna and Yuyutsu! Vikarna protested against Draupadi’s humiliation at the hands of Duhshasan, and at a time when even Bheeshma was quiet! And before the battle at Kurukshetra began, Yudhishthir asked his opposition if anyone from there would like to change sides, and Yuyutsu did!

And as a few of you have pointed out, Yuyutsu was not exactly part of the 100 Kauravas, but was the son of a slave girl and Dhritarashtra.

PS: Another less-known fact is that the Kauravas had a sister too! Her name was Duhshala, and her husband was Jayadrath.


  1. one was Yuyutsu I guess sided with Pandavas and the second ?

  2. 1. Vikarna, when Dushasana molested Draupadi
    2. Yuyutsu, just before the battle of Mahabharata began, swayed when he saw Yudhishthir seeking Bheeshma's blessings.

  3. The two brothers here said would be Vikarna and Yuyutsu. Both of them had protested against the vastraharan of Draupadi. Yuyutsu even joined the Pandavas for the Final Battle....

    But if the answer Yuyutsu is correct, then I must say that he is not exactly amongst the 100 Kauravas. He was a son of Dritharashtra from a Maid and often referred to as 101st Kaurava, he was one of the few survivors of the Great War

  4. Yuyutsu -During the kurushethra war he joined with pandavas. He was subjected to constant taunts by the rest of the kauravas as He was Dhritarashtra's son by a Vaisya maid

    Vikarna - when Dushasana humiliated Draupadi

  5. one was yuyutsu who sided with the pandavas in the kurukshetra war,the other one i dont know his name but he protested draupadi's vastraharan


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