Monday, 28 March 2011

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 305

Let’s make this an easy one.

A recent development in the filming of director Sanjoy Nag’s Memories in March, which stars Deepti Naval and director-turned-actor Rituparno Ghosh, has caused the film to be touted as probably the first film to have done something. In what respect is this film a first?

Can be easily googled, but try answering without it first….

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Five answers, but only pritfloyd and Subhajyoti have what I was looking for. This is probably the first movie ever to change its language because of the leading lady. It was supposed to have been shot in Bengali, but Deepti Naval was so uncomfortable with it that the film-makers decided to shoot it in Hindi!


  1. 'Memories In March' became the first film in the history of Indian cinema to change language for the sake of its leading lady..originally planned in bengali, it was made in Hindi

  2. It is probably the first film which was scripted in Bengali, but finally finished as a hindi film because Deepti was not comfortable with Bengali

  3. The story is about Arati Mishra(Deepti Naval) and his son and his various relationships with rituporno & raima...the son is not shown in the movie...even once

  4. Memories in March will be released by Databazaar media venture is the film available on IPTV channel Databazaar Media, as well as on web streaming portal,

  5. First ever on-screen portrayal of 'alternative sexuality' !


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