Sunday, 6 March 2011

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 285

Easy if you know it, or have observed it.


In which recent film is this book seen as being read by the central character?

Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


A measly four answers, and only one correct among them. Priyanka Chopra is shown reading this book in Saath Khoon Maaf!

SPOLER ALERT: For those of you who missed it, look for the scene where Vivaan Shah, after receiving a medical degree, goes back to Priyanka, a 50-year-old. She’s reading this book, The Seven Wives of Bluebeard, before she asks Vivaan to have her body by getting naked in front of him. Additional funda: the woman whose back is shown in the film is actually a 50-year-old woman, and not our PC. She personally chose this old lady for that scene.


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