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QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 178

Here’s a double connect, the second one courtesy Kamal Rathi.

First, connect these three photographs.







And then connect the answer with this photograph.


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Eight answers, and once again all correct!

The connection for the first three photographs is obviously that all three of these actors played Shaheed Bhagat Singh in films.

The second connect is slightly cryptic, especially if you don’t know about a certain Operation Trojan Horse, a secret British operation that has come to light only in the recent years. A controversial book claims that this was the name given to an operation as part of which Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Batukeshwar Dutt were hanged until they were semi-conscious, then taken out of the barracks and shot by members of Saunders’ family. They were then cremated at an unmarked place, just so that they did not receive a honourable cremation!


  1. Ajay Devgan, bobby deol and Siddharth Narayan..all of them have played the role of Bhagat Singh.
    And its said that Britishers hanged Bhagat Singh till he was in a semiconscious state so that he could later be taken Outside the prison and then shot dead by Saunders Family. This whole operation was named as Operation Trojan Horse.

  2. The connect is Operation Trojan Horse.

    All the three actors have played the part of Bhagat Singh in different movies.

    Last pic is the Trojan Horse.

    The ‘execution’ of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev marked the execution of a conspiracy code-named “Operation Trojan Horse”.

    They were not hanged till they died. After their necks broke, they were taken to a cantonment area and shot by a death squad. This was done to avenge the death of Colonel Saunders who the freedom-fighters had shot. Saunders' in-laws were also supposed to have been a part of this conspiracy.

  3. all three played the role of Shaheed Bhagat Singh in different movies.
    On 28 October 2005, a book entitled Some Hidden Facts: Martyrdom of Shaheed Bhagat Singh—Secrets unfurled by an Intelligence Bureau Agent of British-India [sic] by K.S. Kooner and G.S. Sindhra was released. The book asserts that Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev were deliberately hanged in such a manner as to leave all three in a semi-conscious state, so that all three could later be taken outside the prison and shot dead by the Saunders family. The book says that this was a prison operation codenamed "Operation Trojan Horse." Scholars are sceptical of the book's claims

  4. The connect is Bhagat Singh.
    1. Ajay Devgan played Bhagat Singh in the movie - The Legend of Bhagat Singh.
    2. Bobby Deol portrayed Bhagat Singh in the movie 23rd March 1931:Shaheed.
    3. Siddharth Narayan played the role of Karan Singhania symbolizing Bhagat Singh in the movie Rang De Basanti.
    Trojan Horse - Operation Trojan Horse in which Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev were deliberately hanged in such a manner as to leave all three in a semi-conscious state, so that all three could later be taken outside the prison and shot dead by the J P Saunders' family (Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were accused of killing Saunders). It is claimed that this operation was carried out under a code name "Operation Trojan Horse."

  5. 1st pic- AJAY DEVGAN (legend of bhagat singh)
    2nd pic- BOBBY DEOL (shaheed)
    3rd pic- SIDDHARTH NARAYAN(rang de basanti)

    all have potrayed "BHAGAT SINGH" in the above movies.

    4th pic- a shot from movie Troy,depicting the Trojan horse.

    the execution of bhagat singh,rajguru and sukhdev was named as
    "operation trojan horse"

    had 2 use Google 4 the 2nd connect..............

  6. The connection betwen 1,2,3 is bhagat singh, the last pic is TROJAN HORSE,according to theory bhagat singh,rajguru and sukhdev were deliberately hanged to semiconscious state so that they can be shot later by SAUNDERS family(the operation was codenamed OPERATION TROJAN HORSE)...

  7. Connection between pic 1,2,3 is BHAGAT SINGH, the last pic is TROJAN horse which was the codename for the operation in thepry in which BHAGAT singh and his co-accomplice were hanged deliberately to semiconsciousness so that they can be later shot by the SAUNDERS family..

  8. Bhagat Singh and "Operation Trojan Horse"


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