Friday, 5 November 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 173

Lets try a connection today!

See if you can find the common thread between these three pictures.

1. This is the film Hirak Rajar Deshe.


2. Sorry for the not-so-good resolution of the photograph.




Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!

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Just two answers, and both correct! The connect is indeed the Emergency Era!

1. Satyajit Ray’s Hirak Rajar Deshe may be a children’s film up front and the second in the Gupi Bagha trilogy, but it is also a thinly veiled dig at Siddharrtha Shankar Ray, the then chief minister of West Bengal and one of the first people to push Indira Gandhi to get Emrgency declared, and the entire Emergency and its fallouts!

2. Ramnath Goenka’s blank editorial in The Indian Express to protest against the gag order of sorts that had been put on the press during the Emergency era.

3. President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, who actually declared the Emergency.


  1. I think the answer is "The Indian Emergency" (25 June 1975 – 21 March 1977).
    1. Hirak Rajar Deshe is a political satire against the emergency.
    2. The Indian Express, New Delhi edition during the period of emergency showing Kuldeep Nayar's censored editorial.
    3. President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed who declared a State of Emergency upon the advice of the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 26 June 1975.

  2. The connect is the internal Emergency, 1975-77.

    1. The film was a satire on the Emergency.
    2. This is Ramnath Goenka's famous blank editorial in the Indian Express, intended to convey the death of democracy.
    3. This is I think Fakhru, the President who declared the state of Emergency :-)


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