Tuesday, 31 August 2010

QR - Cure - Quizzing Realms - 118

Sorry for the late post.

Here's a dry connect for the day.

Connect the Pandavas, oceans and Enid Blyton's find-outers.

And then connect that answer to one Farrokh Balsara Bulsara and a form of music that originated in religious precincts related to Christianity.

Happy quuizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


For some reason, everyone decided to take loooooooooooooooong shots, and as Akshay proved, my question has an answer that even I hadn’t considered!

The answer I was looking for was We Will Rock You, the song.

The first part of my hint obviously leads to the answer 5 (five). In this case, it was 5ive, the band. Aapro Farrokh Bulsara is actually Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. The form of music I was referring to is a capella, or ‘originating in church’. We Will Rock You uses a capella for almost throughout the songs, with nothing but stomps and claps, except the last few seconds of guitar. Obviously, the ‘5ive and Queen’ rendition of the song is very famous.


  1. could it be somebody to love by queen?
    first connect is five. farrokh bulsara is obviously freddie mercury and the form of music is gospel music. Somebody to love is by queen, is gospel rock and is part of five live, a live album.

  2. they're all 5....and farrokh balsara aka freddie mercury of QUEEN composed bohemian rhapsody n many other songs...he had extraordinary vocal abilities ..guess tht cud b some connect to music originated in the precincts of christianity

  3. Vedas? Puranas? According to Upanishads, puranas are referred to as the 5th Veda.
    I am not sure of the answer.
    First part of the connect is Five.
    Second part of the connect Five, Freddie Mercury, Chant.


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