Friday, 13 August 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 104

An easy and straightforward one after the last zinger.

Ritwick Ghatak, after whom Hrithik Roshan’s Bengali grandmother named him, was a hyper-talented and an equally alcoholic person. On One instance, he was living almost as a homeless person when his brother-in-law Bimal Roy picked him up, brought him home and tended to his needs. So touched was Ghatak after sometime that he asked Roy if he could repay the favour. Roy made Ghatak do something that changed an entire genre of Hindi cinema! What did Roy make Ghatak do?


Several answers, yes. But there seem to be some misnomers, like the one that Ghatak DIRECTED Madhumati.

No, Ghatak just wrote the screenplay of Madhumati, in three hours flat! That’s why it is said that he was hyper-talented. And yes, it was indeed the script for Madhumati, which, although not the first film in India on the theme or reincarnation, was indeed a groundbreaking one! Meanwhile, Bimal Roy had already worked as and editor in Kamal Amrohi’s Mahal, a 1949 release, considered one of the earliest films on reincarnation. Madhumati was released in 1958.


  1. Ritwick Ghatak wrote the screenplay for Bimal Roy's movie Madhumati, which is the first movie based on reincarnation. Classics such as Karzz, Om Shanti Om, etc, have been based on Madhumati.

  2. write the script of madhumati

  3. He wrote Madhumati, one of the earliest Hindi films to deal with reincarnation.

    You shared that info earlier.


  5. he made madhumati, which was perhaps the first film in india or world to deal with reincarnation.....farha khan and shah rukh khan should remain indebted to him for this film.....

  6. they give totally new subject to the world which is : Reincarnation .!!!
    -Arya Bhatt (QuizQuake)

  7. I searched for this on the Net. The answer is Madhumati, the 1958 classic which Roy directed and Ghatak co-wrote. Madhumati was the first ever Bollywood movie to explore the concept of rebirth, which has since been used in dozens of movies.

  8. concept of reincarnation in screenplay


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