Thursday, 26 August 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 115

His father had to quit his home city because he was being disturbed too much by the colonisers of his country for his ‘revolutionary work. He was brought up in Philadelphia by his mother and foster father, where, at the age of 13, he repaired toys and radios to supplement his family’s income.

He later went on to study at MIT. While doing his doctoral thesis, he bought himself a ‘hi-fi’ system, but was disappointed with it. He later went on to make similar but advanced systems, but based on his psychophysical and psychoacoustic findings that over 80 per cent of sound reaches a listener in an auditorium only after being bounced off a ceiling, floor and walls.

He had the habit of experimenting at home, and on one occasion, hid several speakers in various parts of his room to study their effect. The places included under his bed and in his wardrobe too! One of his friends heard the effect and described it as ‘surround sound’. That was how this specific term was born.

Easy. Identify him.


Yep! This is indeed a certain gentleman named Amar Gopal Bose, the man behind the company behind all those Bose stereo systems and headphones! Or Bose Audio in general!


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