Sunday, 28 March 2010

QR – Cure - Quizzing Realms - 13

Here’s yet another connect, and this time, it is not all that easy.






Now, I know folks, that you have to let the entire video stream from YouTube before you can see them, but bear with me please.

Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


Shivam got the answer I was looking for, but once again, there seems to be another answer to this question. The answer I was looking for is indeed Suraj Jagan, the bald, tattooed MTV executive from Rock on, who sang in a band called ChakraVIEW, an allusion to the legendary Chakravyuha, which Abhimanyu could not get out of in the Mahabharata. In fact, the first picture is said to be a pictorial representation of that very Chakravyuha.

As for the Hutch Ad and “Gimme some sunshine” from 3 idiots, both are sung by Suraj Jagan. He also sang that ‘poisonous’ rock song ‘Zehreelay Zehreelay’ in Rock On.

However, if what asherxai alias Akhil says is true, then once again my question has two connects! Look at his comments for more on this.


  1. The connect is Suraj Jagan-
    1- the first pic is of Mahabharata's 'Chakravyuha' n this was the name of the band in the movie Rock On whose lead singer was played by Suraj Jagan.
    2- singer of the song 'give me some sunshine' is Suraj Jagan
    3- he acted in the movie Rock On as explained in point 1...he also curiously had a tattoo of chakravyuh on the nape of his neck.
    4- he composed and sang the ad-jingle 'You and I' for vodafone (then Hutch) commercial.
    I hope i'm right this time... :)

  2. The connect is 'Chakravyuha'.

    1 : This is the 'Chakravyuha' from The Mahabharata.

    2 & 3 : 'Give Me Some Sunshine' from '3 Idiots', is sung by Suraj Jagan. He played Ajay, the lead singer of the band 'Chakravyuha' in the film 'Rock On' (2008)

    4 : The music for this Hutch ad has been composed by Ashu-Dhruv (Ashutosh Pathak and Dhruv Ghanekar). Before teaming up together, Ashutosh used to play for a band named Orphean Revival, while Dhruv was the guitarist in the band 'Chakravyuha'.


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