Friday, 26 March 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms - 11

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Simple one for the day.

In the medieval period, in jousting tournaments, the competitors had to identify themselves by raising the visor of their helmets so that the judges could see their face. What has originated from this practice?

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Cracked by Paddy and Akhil aka asherxai. However, it appears from Paddy’s reply that Vipin may have cracked this one too!

The answer, obviously, is the salute! Interesting piece of trivia here: the army salute differs from the navy salute. While the army personnel salute with their palms showing, the navy never show their palms. This is apparently because people in the navy get their hands too dirty too often, and it is considered disrespectful to show a dirty palm to a high-ranking official.


  1. The Salute....
    credit for this goes to Vipin, it was he who told me this..!! Vipin if u see this post...I raise my helmet to u

  2. The gesture of the army/military salute.

  3. Another important trivia is that Scouts give a three finger salute. In most situations, the salute is made with the palm face out, the thumb holding down the little finger, and with the fingertips on the brow of the head. There are some variations of the salute between national Scouting organisations and also within some programme sections. Three-finger salute for Scouts represent the three aspects of the Scout Promise:

    1. Honour God and the King
    2. Help Others
    3. Obey the Scout Law


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