Friday, 14 January 2011

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 241

A slightly different kind of a connect.


Shilpa Shetty


sunny deol


George Orwell


Kanye West


David Bowie

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Eight answers, and all correct! The connect is Big Brother, and here’s how:

  1. Shilpa Shetty won the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother.
  2. Sunny Deol starred in a film called Big Brother.
  3. George Orwell wrote the novel , in which he first propagated the idea of a dystopian state and an all-watching entity called Big Brother.
  4. (Both a and b) Kanye West and David Bowie have sung songs called Big Brother.


  1. Connect is big brother.
    1. shilpa shetty participated in reality tv show big brother.
    2. character in george orwell's 1984.
    3. name of songs by david bowie and by kanye west.

  2. Connect:Big Brother
    Shilpa Shetty was in the cast of Big Brother UK
    Sunny Deol lead actor in a movie called Big Brother (dunno when it came, where it went)
    George Orwell: Big Brother is watching, from his novel 1984
    Kanye West : song titled 'Big Brother'
    David Bowie: Song titled 'Big Brother'

  3. The connect is Big Brother.
    1. Shilpa Shetty - became (in)famous with Big Brother, the reality show on TV.
    2. Sunny Deol - acted in a film called Big Brother.
    3. George Orwell - Big Brother is a fictional character in his novel Nineteen Eighty Four.
    4a. Kanye West and 4b.David Bowie - both have sung numbers called Big Brother.

  4. big brother
    George Orwell - 1984
    Sunny Deol - Acted in a movie called Big Brother
    Shetty - won big bro
    bowie and kanye west I can't connect

    Anagh Mukherjee


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