Friday, 7 January 2011

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 234

Here’s an interesting one.

what happens

A few things are obvious. The reason given for the change shown above was conformity with the latest fashion trends. However, if one adheres to the ‘playscale’, these changes were absolutely necessary. What are we talking about?

PS: Yesterday, it was 1.4 degrees Celsius here!


Nine responses, and I’d give it to all of them. This is indeed Barbie’s waist widening. Given her height and dimensions, it was considered that not only was she grossly underweight, but also setting a bad example for kids who played with them! Hence, this move…


  1. Changes in the Barbie Dolls' (ahem) anatomy!


  2. removal of corsets and frocks and arrival of jeans and other accesories

  3. barbie doll's proportions changed to make it more real-life

  4. The Barbie doll's waist has been widened for conformity with the latest fashion trends.

  5. Barbie !
    Good one...
    Exams keeping me on the line; out of online :/


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