Thursday, 21 October 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 158

X’s father was not sure of X’s and X’s elder brother’s date of birth, and so when the time came to admit them to schools, he gave any date he wanted. However, X learnt from his grandmother that he was a badroo, which meant he was born sometime during the monsoons. As a result, X chose the central date in one of the monsoon months as his birthday for later referral. Years later, this date also became the date of independence for his country.

Based on his own experiences, X wrote his first novel, Mano-Majra, and this name was that of the village where the happenings of the novel are set. However, the name was subsequently changed, and was also made into a critically-acclaimed film.

Identify X.

Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


Yes, six answers and all correct!

X is indeed Khushwant Singh, and the book is obviously Train to Pakistan.


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