Saturday, 17 April 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms - 30

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Sorry for the delay in posting, but I will put in three questions, one each for April 16, 17 and 18. Answers will be given out day after tomorrow.

1. This famous US singer composed a song that went on to become the song for the state he was born in. The song also featured the name of the state. In his early career, he traded his surname for his middle name Charles, and became famous by his first and middle names. Who, and why did he dump his surname?

2. Connect:







3. An easy one, and I have already asked this question at a hundred other quizzes. (Well, almost a hundred.) Which famous royal family of ancient India derived their name from what is now India’s national bird? Hint: The Indian Machiavelli.

Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


Two questions cracked perfectly, but the pictorial clues seem to be a tad bit difficult. Nice try, Jaydeep and Akhil.

Here are the answers.

1. Ray Charles. His full name was Ray Charles Robinson, and he began his career as Ray Robinson. However, he soon chose Charles over Robinson so as not to be confused with Sugar Ray Robinson.

2. Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy aka B C Roy. He was the first chief minister of West Bengal, and is also one of the few people whose date of birth and death are the same: July 1 in this case. In India, doctors’ day is celebrated in his honour.

a. Mangal Pandey’s rebellion took place in Barrackpore, which was the first constituency of Dr B C Roy. He defeated Surendranath Bannerjee (S N Bannerjee).

b. Pather Panchali was only half-finished when director Satyajit Ray ran out of funds. He approached B C Roy, the then chief minister of West Bengal, and was given the requisite money under the head of ‘road development’, because the name of his film meant ‘song of the road’!

c. R G Kar College and Hospital was established by B C Roy.

3. Easy one. Mauryas.


  1. 1) Ray Charles. He dropped Robinson so as not to be confused with boxing champion Ray Robinson


  2. 1. Ray Charles
    (He dropped his surname to avoid being confused with boxer Sugar Ray Robinson).

    2. Govt. of West Bengal

    a) When the nation was celebrating 150 years of the First War of Independence, the West Bengal Govt. removed the statue of Mangal Pandey from a park named after him.

    b) Pather Panchali was Produced by the West Bengal Govt.

    c) R. G. Kar Medical College & Hospital is one of the oldest Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata.
    The Govt. of West Bengal has taken it over since 1958.

    3. The Mauryas


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