Monday, 5 April 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 20

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Here’s an interesting connect.







This one shouldn’t be too difficult. Take a stab, do a little googling. And here’s a hint. The first picture is one of the more modest ones I could find of the lady in question.


Once again, I am sorry for the late update. I had gone out at round 8.30 am today, and have just returned around 11 pm.

The answer to this one is Josephine. The first lady is Josephine Baker. Try googling her images, and she will set your pulse racing. Band aid was invented by a doting husband for his wife Josephine, who was very clumsy in the kitchen, and often cut herself with knives. This single invention took her husband from a very lowly rank to almost the top of Johnson & Johnson! And of course, Napoleon’s wife was called Josephine.


  1. The lady is La Baker, aka Josephine Baker.
    Napoleon's first wife was Josephine
    Band Aid was invented by an employee of Johnson and Johnsons named Earle Dickenson for his injury prone wife Josephine Dickenson.

    So I believe, the connect is JOSEPHINE


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