Tuesday, 28 December 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 225

This one is for a certain section of the patrons of this website.

I received a message yesterday from someone who told me that he visits this website regularly, although he rarely knows the answers to the questions. This one’s for you, boss.

X’s first two stints on television saw him playing a character surrounded by a very specific type of performance artists, and an employee of the armed forces. X also made a few appearances in other television serials at that time. His film debut was in a Hema Malini production. One of X’s flicks went on to become the first Indian film to be featured in the UK Top 10 in 1998. A few years later, X joined the ranks of the likes of KL Saigal and Dilip Kumar when he played a certain role. Another few years later, Abhay Deol joined the ranks too! Simply identify X.

Easy, I know. answer away! The more, the merrier!

Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


Fifteen answers here, and all pointing towards SRK, which is correct. However, someone on FB tried to say that it was Bimal Roy! No matter, folks, accidents happen! Meanwhile, from the replies, I gather that none of you are big fans of SRK. So here are some more jokes bashing him.

  • Given the manner in which SRK (at least in some roles) stammers at the letter ‘k’, the most sadistic punishment one can give him is to get him to name all the Ekta Kapoor serials one after the other!
  • Why is his name Shah Rukh? Kyun ki, woh ;ruk ruk’ ke bolta hai! [Lame, I know, but still makes me smile.]


  1. If i am correct, it's Shahrukh Khan, Abhay Deol, tv performance artist and Fauji made it easy to crack...
    Btw, joined the ranks of KL Saigal and Dilip Kumar.. referring to ?

  2. Shahrukh Khan! The Abhay Deol Dilip Kumar stuff (Devdas) were a big giveaway!

  3. Too easy... Shahrukh Khan... The first sentence is enough to answer away..

  4. i m sure i know the answer, but r u sure his debut film was a HEMA MALINI production?? i think its his 4th released film.

  5. Shahrukh Khan. I have scanned all the questions in the blog..and I think this is the easiest one till date.

  6. X = Shah Rukh Khan
    KL Saigal and Dilip Kumar told the answer..!!

  7. NO one answered this yet.. ? :o

    X is Shah Rukh Khan.. !
    his first TV venture : ARMY
    then Circus..

    1st Movie : Deewana
    the connect is.. KL Saihgal and Dillip Kumar played Devdas before SRK did.. !

    Abhay Deol's character in Dev D.. says to portray the same.. !:)


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