Wednesday, 1 December 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 199

I guess the perverts among you will love this question!

Why can any non-platonic relationship between Barbie, the doll, and her partner Ken, be termed incestuous?

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Six answers, and all correct! Barbie and Ken were named after the two children of Ruth Handler, who created Barbie, the doll! Hence, they are siblings, and any non-platonic relationship between them would be incestuous!


  1. Ken and Barbie are named after the Mattel founder’s children (siblings)... This could be the reason..

  2. Barbie and Ken are named after Elliot and Ruth Handler's (of Mattel, makers of Barbie) real life children - Barbara and Kenneth Handler.

  3. Then I guess I am the right person to answer this!! :D
    The Non Platonic relationship between them can be termed incestuous because the characters they are based on are Real life brother and sister!

  4. The real-life personalities who inspired the two dolls were siblings. Barbara and Ken Handler, children of Ruth Handler, President of Mattel Inc.

  5. Thts bcoz Barbie and Ken have been namedafter the son and daughter of the creator..So in short they both r brother and sister..Hence their relationship is incestuous...

  6. Ruth Handler the woman who created Barbie, named the doll after her daughter. Upon creating "Ken", she named it after her son.

    So Barbie and Ken are sister and brother.
    Hence any non-platonic relationship between them will be incestuous.


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