Sunday, 12 December 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 210

I understand that this is quite cryptic, but here are the clues.

1. Someone once copied him and landed a role in films! He went on to play some of the most (in)famous negative characters in Indian cinema!

 dev anand

2. Who invented this shot?

 Leg Glance

3. The cab-driver in season 1, episode 1.

season 1 

What single name connects these three photographs? Answer the three questions, and you will automatically have the connect!

Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


Eleven answers, despite it being a Sunday! It is indeed Ranjit or Ranjeet, as all of you have answered! The first answer is Ranjeet, the villain from yesteryears, who was a big fan of Dev Anand, and used to mimic his idol to quite an extent! The second, obviously is Ranjitsinghji. The third, obvious by now, is Ranjeet.


  1. The connect should be Ranjeet the villain.
    Leg glance was invented by Ranjit Singhji other wise known as Ranji.
    And the cab driver in HIMYM was Ranjeet.
    So connect is Ranjeet.

  2. 1. Ranjeet d actor
    2. Ranjit Singhji
    3. Marshall Manesh (bangladeshi driver Ranjit)
    Ranjit is d name

  3. 1. The baddie Ranjeet (original name Gopal Bedi. He had watched Dev Anand's Guide and Hum Dono 20 times each and he could mimic every mannerism and line from the two films.
    2. Ranjit Singhji, or Ranji as he was better known, invented the leg glance
    3. Ranjit the cab driver

  4. the connect is indeed...RANJITH...
    1)the famous villain of indian cinema...Ranjeet..
    2)Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji Jadeja...a.k.a.(Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar) for invention of leg glance...

    3)the Bangladeshi cab driver..Ranjith..

  5. Ranjit!!

    The actor, the cricketer and the (actor again) cab driver who was in How I Met Your Mother.

  6. the second one is ranjit singhji and ranjit is an actor who plays negative roles so im guessing the answer is ranjit.


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