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Yes, this is indeed Kevin Carter.

And this is what he is famous for:

child and vulture

This photograph, taken by him in Sudan, and published in the New York Times in 1993, got hundreds of thousands of dollars to pour into the famine-stricken country.

As for how this photograph was taken, it is said that this famished girl was following her parents into a small medical facility where Carter was sitting. After a point of time, she must have become too tired and this is how she began to rest, when a vulture swooped down and waited for the girl to die. It is not known what became of her, but at least this much is known that she made it to her parents that day. After taking the photo, Carter apparently started crying. This, and other similar scenes captured by him on camera, sent him deep into depression, and he committed suicide just about a year after taking this very photograph!

For some reasons, his detractors were not pleased with this photograph. They compared Carter with the vulture, and said that he too was like the vulture because he only looked for a photo opportunity, and did not help the child!


  1. Kevin Carter - the South African photo-journalist.

  2. And this is the link to the famous Pulitzer Prize winning photograph by Kevin Carter, taken in Sudan.

  3. Kevin Carter, the guy who took that photo of a vulture perched near an emaciated girl in Sudan. Won the Pulitzer Prize, later committed suicide out of depression.

  4. Photographer Kevin carter...famous for the photo Sudanese girl "Dying of Hunger as a Vulture Patiently Waits"


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