Monday, 19 July 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms – 84

The titanic was designed to compete in design with X. Ironically, although Titanic sank first, X too sank a few years later.

More specifically, X was sunk by torpedoes from Nazi U-Boats, with the Nazis claiming that X was carrying ammunition for World War I, which was raging then. Their claim was substantiated only in 2008, when weapons were indeed found in the wreck of X. Meanwhile, the Nazis kept claiming that X was not just a passenger ship, as the British kept saying.

In a bid to support their claim, the Nazis even printed medals or coins to ‘expose’ the ‘capitalist’ British. However, the coins said that X had sunk on May 5, while it had actually sunk on May 7. This made USA and Britain think that the attack was premeditated and dastardly, and they ‘punished’ Germany for it by winning the World War.

Identify X.

Hint: Here is one a photograph of one of the coins used in the German propaganda.


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Several answers, both here and on FB.

The answer is Lusitania, one of the first Olympic class liners.


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