Monday, 12 July 2010

QR – Cure – Quizzing Realms - 77

Was experimenting with this post earlier, but looks like the experiments will have to wait for later.

So here’s a tribute to fellow quizzer Padmanabhan Pillai.

Simply identify the actor and the role he is playing.


Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


Lotsa answers, and most of you people got the Kamal Hasan part. But alas! This is not Marmayogi. This is a much older biopic that Hasan had started working on and then shelved. It was on the life of Mohammed Yusuf Khan aka Marudhanayagam, which was also the name of the film.

Kamal Hasan had conceptualised and started this biopic in 1998-99, and it has a lot of similarities with Marmayogi. Both are biopics. Marmayogi is and Marudhanayagam was the costliest films of their own times. Both are about almost-forgotten greats. And both were shelved, for a while, at least. The problem with Marudhanayagam was that it was shelved when foreign investors refused to continue to fund it because the Kargil war had just begun. About an hour’s footage was also shot, but never saw the light of the day. Marmayogi, thankfully, has reportedly taken off, with shooting already underway from January 13 this year. Another major difference is that while Marmayogi is about a saint who lived in the sixth century BC, Marudhanayagam lived in the 18th century AD, a contemporary of Tipu Sultan.

By the way, some websites list this photo as belonging to Marmayogi, but this, and some other pictures of Marudhanayagam have been on the internet even before the shooting for Marmayogi had begun!


  1. Kamal Hassan as Osho;..... phsssssssss!!

  2. Looks like Kamal Hassan....don't kno playin wat role.....

  3. the actor is sanjay dutt...can't identify the films tho..

  4. Thanks for the Tribute...!!!!
    In case anybody else fails to answer's my answer

    Kamal Hassan playing the title role in the unreleased film Marudanayagam. Based on the life of a Freedom fighter named Marudanayagam Pillai aka Yusuf Khan Sahib

  5. Sorry, couldn't come online for some days.

    I remember how much frenzy it created back then when the film was inaugurated in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II.

  6. a query: how can PILLAI be aka KHAN?


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