Friday, 19 April 2013

QR–Cure–Quizzing Realms–415

This ought to be an interesting one.


This is clearly a formula, but for what? And what is special about the product insofar as the way it is owned, produced and distributed? Hint: It has parallels in the world of information technology, and has actually been inspired by a certain IT concept.

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Seven replies, but not all are correct. Ali, Naushi, Abhijit Kane and Sujoy Das are correct, while Kushal Shah is very near the answer. This is indeed the formula of something called the Open Cola. The inspiration behind the product are the open-source computer programs that many people rely on these days. There is one formula now, and anyone can use it for any purpose, and even improve upon it if they want!


  1. The ingredients for the Open Cola concentrate

  2. hi , is this the formula for Open Cola?

  3. Based on the open source codes...

  4. open cola - open source cola produced to promote GNU open source software.

  5. It looks like cola to me. The certain IT concept may be open-source cola?


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