Tuesday, 9 April 2013

QR–Cure–Quizzing Realms–410

This should be interesting…


The image above is that of a letter sent by Arnold Schwarzenegger to the California State Assembly sometime in March 2010, in opposition to a certain Assembly Bill. However, this letter ended up kicking up a controversy due to some apparently difficult-to-spot reasons.

Identify the reason, and hence the controversy.


Five responses, and only the anonymous reply got it wrong. Start reading the first alphabet on every line from “For some time…”, and see how they form ‘F*ck you’! The Gubernator denied any mischief on his part, but the proof of the expletive is very clear!


  1. The first letters on each line together spell "Fuck You".

  2. Marijuana Legalization ?

  3. The first letters of each line taken together read F*** You. Good question ;)

  4. "Fuck you". First letters of each sentence, starting from "For some time..."

  5. the letters on the left hand side of the letters in the rows from first line to last line give the sentence - f--k you conotation clearly. that's why it became controversial.


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