Thursday, 14 March 2013

QR–Cure–Quizzing Realms–405

This one might be a little difficult to answer, especially without Googling.


Identify the gentleman whose name has been blocked out of the opening screen card of this famous cartoon film. Give me his name, and his biggest claim to fame.

HINT: Many actually credit someone else – his partner, actually – with this claim to fame. But note that his name actually appears in bigger font than another, more famous person here. There’s a reason for that.

Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


Four answers, and three have given the correct name, but no one was given me the claim to fame. This is indeed Ub Iwerks, one of the earliest collaborators of Walt Disney, and is widely credited as the creator of Mortimer Mouse, aka Mickey Mouse. In fact, for at least the first five cartoons, his name appears in bigger and bolder fonts than Walt Disney, which was a recognition of his achievement. However, as Disney himself often pointed out, Iwerks wasn’t hungry for fame, and wasn’t much of an extrovert either. So, he didn’t end up making much of a name for himself.


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