Monday, 4 March 2013

QR–Cure–Quizzing Realms–399

Straight, but may not be all that easy.


The story goes that, when the gentleman in the cylindrical headgear was visiting Sarajevo in present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina, someone lobbed a grenade at him, which exploded a few sends late, injuring the next vehicle in this gentleman’s motorcade instead. Our gentleman here decided to go to the hospital to ask after the injured, but his driver did not know the way, confusing roads till they came near a cafe where a Slavic freedom movement group member, who had really wanted to kill our gentleman, was having a sandwich, as fate would have it. The student immediately shot him, setting the ball rolling for numerous other deaths.

Simply identify this gentleman.


Ali, Niladri, Sunmeet and Siva are all correct. This is indeed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination led to the start of World War I, which led to sanctions on certain European nations, which in turn led to World War II, which gave way to the Cold War and reshaped human history forever!


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