Tuesday, 11 February 2014

QR–Cure–Quizzing Realms–438

A connection, after a loooooooooong time.

1. Clearly, this is the Idea jingle. And that’s one talented kid! Just tell me from where the music has been “inspired”. Simply the film will do.

2. Simply tell me which iconic (but later lambasted) TV show this screen-grab from “South Park” pays a tribute to.


PS: That was probably a dead giveaway for the connect.

3. Identify this gentleman. PS: That’s about the best quality of a picture of this individual I could find.


Hint: Here’s Akshaye Khanna depicting him on screen.

akshaye khanna

And now, connect the answers!

Happy quizzing, and have a nice life, folks!


Four answers, and only half of them correct. Let’s solve this one at a time.

  1. That’s the idea jingle, lifted from a song in the film Pallavi Anupallavi, directed by Mani Ratnam.
  2. We have South Park “taking inspiration from” 24, the series.
  3. And the gentleman in the black and white image is Harilal Gandhi, on whose life the film Gandhi, My Father was based.

The connect is Anil Kapoor, whose film debut was Pallavi Anupallavi, who now stars as the Indian version of Jack Bauer in the Hindi adaptation of 24, and who turned producer with Gandhi My Father.


  1. 1.Pallavi Anupallavi It starred Anil Kapoor in the lead
    2. Harilal Gandhi ,Anil kapoor produced Gandhi, My Father.
    3. The Snuke, It's parody of the television series 24, Anil Kapoor produced the indian adaptation of the same

  2. Connect-Quentin tarantino movies
    1)Pulp Fiction

  3. the connect is anil kapoor.
    1. idea jingle is a lift from some kannnada movie with anil kapoor in lead role.
    2. south park pays tribute to series 24.
    3. harilal gandhi. the movie gandhi my father was produced by anil kapoor


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