Wednesday, 12 June 2013

QR–Cure–Quizzing Realms–422

It’s a double feature today, but not a connect.


what 1


what 2

Two similar-looking flags, but they belong to different entities. The names of both entities begin with the same alphabet. And the second one is a World Heritage site. Interestingly, Both entities are entwined in some way or the other in plans of world domination or leadership. Identify both entities, and tell my why the second flag has black stars.

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Most of you are correct on the second one, but read the question better, please. True, that the first flag is the Grand Union Flag, but I said that the names of the entities of both flags begin with the same alphabet. As a result, while most of you got the second one – the Bikini Atoll flag – correct, you slipped up in the flag of the British East India Company, which would have been the acceptable answer in a live quiz. As for the black stars in the Bikini Atoll flag, the region still holds the US responsible for the destruction and desolation of a number of islands in the atoll, and mark the destroyed or uninhabitable islands with black stars.


  1. The second flag is of Bikini Atoll. Top 3 black stars represent islands destroyed and 2 stars represent 2 islands where inhabitants now live.

    The first flag is of British Union

  2. First one is the Grand union Flag( the earliest US national flag).It has some link with the British flag in name and the figure to left.
    No.2 is the flag of Bikini atoll on the Marshall Islands.The black stars are as a sign of protest of the nuclear tests conducted. (As far as I remember they were the number of islands harmed)

  3. First is the Grand union flag i.e. the alleged first flag of the United States whereas the second is the the flag of bikini atoll. The three stars up top are for the three islands that were damaged by the H-bomb by the States whereas the two below are for the currently inhabited islands.

  4. first east india company
    and second bikini atoll
    black stars are representative of the islands where the nuke test took place.

  5. Grand Union Flag & flag of Bikini Atoll.
    upper three stars represent the islands on which the atom bombs were tested and the below 2 black stars were represent what americans owe them in return to the people of bikini atoll.

  6. First flag is the grand union flag
    Second Flag is the Bikini atoll flag
    the 3-star group and the 2-star group represent the belief of the islanders that the Government of the United States still has obligations to their people, including reparations for the nuclear testing and resettlement of the Bikinians who were exiled.[


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